Monday, 29 October 2012

Seeing spots before our very eyes... perhaps a trip to the optician is what's needed?

Just had an email from a lovely customer asking about the bunting invitation that they'd seen in the October issue of Wedding Ideas... DOH! Totally missed that one! Our eagle eyes have obviously let us down — thank goodness for our keen witted customers!

October 2012 Wedding Ideas magazine  —Mooks Bunting Invitation

We produced the pink polkadot bunting wedding invitation a couple of years ago, but since then have had a fair few requests for bunting wedding stationery — and also 'Great British' wedding stationery themes — so this year, we combined the two and created a Union Jack version. 

Great British Wedding Stationery — Order of Service

Great British Wedding Stationery — Seating Plan

Great British Wedding Stationery —Table-Name Card

All items of stationery — as with all of our designs — are available in this range, but we've included a few bits here for you to see. If it takes your fancy, please get in touch! :)