Thursday, 1 July 2010

Snowflakes in summer...

Summer's here - Wimbledon is in full swing - and we are totally rushed off our feet. Wedding season is truly upon us once more : )

Whilst we're putting the finishing touches to reception stationery now for many of the summer weddings that we designed the invitations for, earlier in the year, we're also being asked to design lots of Christmas wedding invitations and winter wedding stationery sets.

It's a wee bit strange to be working with snowflake illustrations - and other such wintery iconography - whilst there's blistering heat outside, but hey-ho... at least life is never dull!

Here are a couple of pics of just some of the winter invitations that we've designed...

As ever, if there's something that you'd like, but haven't seen it on the blog or the Mooks Design website, just drop up an email at and we will design something especially for you : )