Friday, 22 January 2010

The end of another week...

Even though a day is split into hours and minutes and seconds etc... and by rights, a week should always be the same length of time... some seem to whizz by SO quickly! Blink and you miss them almost!

This has certainly been one of those.

No sooner than the working week started, it feels like it's Friday once again and the Mooks Design studio is abandoned for another weekend!! So many new ideas are being churned out at the moment - our headquarters are a hub of creativity! : ) Greg and the print team have been trying different card-stocks for our new ranges, Caro has been busy designing and Richard has been speaking to new clients and gearing up for our new range launches... such a lot happening!

We shall post some of our recent bespoke commissions soon, when there's a chance to organise the images. We had a lovely photoshoot a couple of weeks before Christmas... a short(ish) day as the light wasn't at all good for daylight shooting. The images we did manage to produce are lovely and the bespoke wedding stationery looks fab! It may also be time to update the mooks design website and include some of the many bespoke ranges that we've created. No point them gathering dust in the studio, when they can be displayed on the web for all to see!!

Have a lovely weekend. Let's hope that it lasts longer than this week did! : )

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

YIPPEE! wedding ideas awards 2010!

The bridal industry is gearing up for the annual Wedding Ideas awards, which are to be announced this Friday!

Although Mooks Design was up for the 'Best Wedding Stationery' award, we're small fry compared to some of the other nominees, so unfortunately haven't won this year...

...BUT how do we already know this, when the winners haven't actually been announced yet?? Well...

Almost as exciting as winning an award; Mooks has been asked to design the awards cards and envelopes!!!!!

The lovely girls at Wedding Ideas mag called us last week, said that they loved our designs, and asked if we would like to design this years stationery for their awards ceremony!

: )

So whilst we now know ALL of this years winners, we're obviously keeping it under our hats until they're announced on Friday ; ) but we'll post some pics of the cards and envelopes for you to see very soon.

It's always smashing to be given the opportunity to show off our talents. As we Mooks design and print all of our stationery to order, the possibilities are endless... as long as it can be printed, we can produce it (within reason of course!). We love the challenge of a bespoke order and have created lots of bespoke wedding stationery for many happy clients, over the years. We're so happy to have been asked to produce the ceremony stationery for Wedding Ideas and whilst we haven't yet managed to win an award, this has definitely made up for it!

: )

Thursday, 14 January 2010

happy new year!

We've finally said goodbye to the 'noughties' and HELLO to the 'teenies'; a brand new decade and a new blog to boot!

: )

The last couple of years have been so exciting. New ventures; the launch of our website and 'Off-The-Peg ranges, so much happening and not enough time to take stock and really appreciate the fruits of our labours!

One of our resolutions for 2010 is to slow down a little and enjoy everything that we've achieved.

Talking of which, we've just launched two brand new ranges to add to the others and judging by all of the sample requests, it looks like they're going to be pretty popular!

Rambling Rose
is the sister range to our very own Dotty Vintage!

As a 50's revival is in full swing — with designers such as Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley at the forefront of modern 'vintage-style' design — Mooks Design have been totally swept away on a nostalgic, vintage trip and created a romantic, shabby chic wedding stationery range of our own... with a modern twist to the colour palette!

Inspired by original 1950's prints and pattern; Rambling Rose is 50's in style, but married with contemporary colourways and is perfect for a vintage themed wedding. It comes in 6 glorious colours... Gold, Grape, Navy, Pink, Bottle Green and Silver.

Our second range for the new decade is 'Butterfly'...

This wedding stationery was originally designed, as bespoke wedding stationery, for a gorgeous couple called Louise and Lee - many moons ago!

A timeless classic; we've had so many requests for
butterfly wedding invitations over the last couple of years, we thought it was about time that this beautiful personalised stationery design should join our other 'Off The Peg' ranges! There are four standard colours — teal, chocolate, purple or navy — which can either be printed on matt white or ivory boards.

We'll definitely try to keep you posted of any further developments at Mooks HQ, although as the team are always pretty busy - what with one thing or another - there's a more than vague possibility that our ramblings may not be that regular!

Happy new year to you - fingers crossed it's a good-un! x