Thursday, 10 January 2013

A very happy new year!

A brand new year... and what a year it's going to be!

2013 is already gearing up to be our very best year yet — it it a coincidence that 13 has always been our 'lucky' number?

We want to wish all of our clients, past present and future a very, very happy new year as well. Wishing you everything you would wish for yourselves and more.

The new year has already bought exciting news and changes.

Firstly, Mooks are delighted to have been mentioned on Martha Stewart's wedding blog, no less!

We were asked by Leoma, last year, to create the favour tins for her wedding, using the monogram design that a friend had created for her.

Her lovely wedding has been featured on Martha Stewart's wedding website, along with one of our little favour tins! This perfectly highlights that, as well as our own delicious designs, our tins work beautifully with a supplied design, if you happen have one!

Photo: Polly Alexandre
You can visit the page by clicking on the link below:
Leoma and Gary's Devon Wedding, In Martha Stewart Weddings 


The second exciting news is that we've finally launched our — long awaited for — new range! Hurrah!

China Roses
was originally inspired by the pattern on a vintage china plate! We LOVED the watercolour design and were totally fascinated by the way that the flowers were made up of lots of different shades of the same colour.

We have lots of couples who want to colour-theme their wedding day but, instead of everything being a little too 'matchy-matchy', want to try and use their chosen colour in lots of tones to try and keep a fresher, less formal feel to the day.

This lovely design offers exactly that!

Instead of endlessly worrying if your flowers will match your stationery, your bridesmaid's dresses and your favours, you can now relax (well on this particular point anyway)! You can use an entire spectrum of tones from the same colour palette, to theme your wedding. It's a much more modern way of looking at things and will make it much easier when choosing the key pieces and accessories for your big day!

Photo: Fiori By Lynne
We are delighted with our new addition —we hope that youll like it and are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be as successful as our other ranges!

We're so looking forward to 2013 and meeting all our new bride and grooms! Luck and love to you all — many this be a stellar year! 

The small (but perfectly formed) team at Mooks x